Hermes Expo International 2016 Video

Hermes Expo 2016 – Awards Dinner Honorees

Hermes Expo International 2016 – Press Release

Dear Prospect Exhibitor, Sponsor and Visitor: Thank you for your support of the 2015 Hermes Expo.  With your help, the Hermes Expo has grown to become a leading B2B trade show and exhibition networking series

From the Hermes Expo International Business Committee, Best Wishes for a Happy New Year to All !

We hope to see you at the 25th Anniversary of the Hermes Expo on April 5, 2016 Explore-Discover-Connect Commerce-Communications-Culture

2015 Hermes Expo Turns New Page as Messenger of Business Transactions

Hermes was the Greek god of commerce, son of Zeus and Maia. Quick acting and cunning, he was able to move swiftly between the world of man and the world of gods, acting as a messenger of