ELEFTHERIA Scholarship Opportunities

Presented by

Hellenic News of America,

Hermes Expo International &

Mid-Atlantic Greek-American Foundation


Eligibility:  Each contestant must be a full-time student in high school or an undergraduate student at an accredited college/university in the Mid-Atlantic States (DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA, and VA).

Application Due Date: March 28, 2016

Rules: Submit a 1,200-1,500 word essay on the following topic:

The Twin Significance of 1776 and 1821: How and why did Americans respond to the Greek War of Independence, and who were the Americans – including ‘freed’ slaves – who traveled to Greece and joined the Greek Freedom Fighters!

Scholarship Awards:  Will be presented at the 25th Hermes Expo Awards Dinner at the Concordville Inn, in Concordville, PA on Tuesday, April 5, 2016 at 6 PM

Two $500 scholarships will be awarded &

Six Paideia Scholarships for Study-Abroad programs in Greece.


Please specify which scholarship you are applying for when you submit your essay:

  1. High School Student Eleftheria Scholarship Award: – $500
  2. Undergraduate Student prize Eleftheria Scholarship Award: – $500
  3. $5,000 in memory of Dr. Theodoros Lyras (Paideia Scholarship for study abroad);
  4. $5,000 in memory of Theodoros Spyropoulos (Paideia Scholarship for study abroad); and
  5. $5,000 in memory of Christos Tomaras (Paideia Scholarship for study abroad)
  6. A student can receive $1,500  for  a  semester  in  Rhodes  or
  7. A student can receive $500 per regular three-week summer class.
  8. A student can receive  $750  for  a  three-week  summer  class,  which  includes  a  study  tour  to archaeological sites,  museums,  old  churches and monuments around


Fill out and submit the Application found on this page.


Committee: Dimitris Faller Ph.D., Constantine Fountzoulas Ph.D., George Karas, Michael Kirifides Ph.D., Paul Kotrotsios MBA, Aphrodite Kotrotsios, John Lambris Ph.D., Dean Laskaris, Dean Lomis Ph.D., Dimitri Monos Ph.D., Alexander Nikas, Esq., Konstadinos Plestis M.D., Andre Stephano,  Theodoros Vakrinos, Esq.


Any questions, please email Aphrodite Kotrotsios at aphrodite@hellenicnews.com

Attach your Essay (pdf, txt, or word)